Parents' reviews

Arpita is a fantastic teacher. She has been tutoring my son for the past year and is very passionate about teaching. She encouraged my child to always try his best and would provide any extra support if needed. As a result,my son did well and I would like to thank her for all help!  - Rubab, Greenwich, London


Arpita takes tutoring to the next level and takes her students (and parents) with her. She gives 110% to each lesson and expects her students to do the same. This is not just in content of the lesson but in attitude and approach to work and learning. She gives and expects respect and teaches a life lesson in being committed and working for what you want. She is kind and approachable. my daughter stated that she would not have passed her 11+ without her.  - Fiona, Bexley, London


Arpita came highly recommended by a friend who’s daughter scored brilliantly in all her exams last year. Even though we were a bit late but Arpita was kind enough to take my daughter on for 1-1 lessons. She was very quick to identify where she needed help with and my daughter improved immensely. Arpita is a brilliant tutor and cares about her student’s well being and progress a lot!!    - Sidra, Chislehurst, London


Arpita is very deciplined ,well organized and her teaching techniques for 11+ test is like strong foundation so children learn better. She is approachable . The lessons are built to children levels. I highly recommend her to anyone whose looking for tutor.  - Ritu, Bexley, London


Arpita is a very dedicated tutor and has great knowledge about different test patterns. We started late but Arpita still covered all the topics in all subjects via online learning. She works very hard with the kids and provide all required notes and materials (some of them are hand written). She is easily approachable and always happy to answer and discuss progress with parents. We were very pleased to find Arpita and will highly recommend her for 11plus preparation and other tutions.  - Parul, Woodford, London


Arpita is a very hard working teacher and makes sure she gives individual attention to kids. My daughter started with Arpita in February 2020 to take her 11plus test in September 2021. Right from first class the sessions were structured and homeworks were clearly defined. As a parent i was worried about coping up with 11 plus preparation, and time and again Arpita has attended to my queries and anxieties really well.Thanks a lot for all your hardworking and patience.   - Deepa / Puneet, Bexley, London


We found Arpita to be a very comprehensive and a thorough tutor. She is very good at explaining things and our son was able to improve his knowledge and his understanding a lot with her guidance. He successfully passed Bexley 11 plus exam. We highly recommend her.   Kasia – Bexley, London


Arpita is fabulous. She is incredibly patient, practical, humorous, and is strategic in her planning the pathway for learning. She explains everything clearly, intelligently and is great at building kids confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her - not only for kids who are taking 11+ test but for also who would like to develop their core conceptual skills in school curriculum, she is an excellent tutor and a lovely person.     Priya, Bexley, London


I wanted to say thank you for helping me on my journey to pass the 11+ Bexley exam.Although I’ve been going through several of handouts and books, it was definitely worth it.I began 2 years before the 11+ exam and throughout all the lessons I’ve grown courage and knowledge. It’s a great honour to be one of Arpita’s students and I definitely don’t regret facing all the mock tests! Arpita is extremely courteous and explains with as much detail as possible the quickest ways to solve a question.She’s always there for me and abruptly corrects my mistakes. I couldn’t have passed without Arpita. Thank you for everything!    Emma, Bexley, London


My Daughter was in Arpita's tuitions from year 4 till the end of Exams including the revision classes she conducted in September. I can highly recommend her tuition to anyone preparing 11 plus. There are multiple reasons and I can't summarize all in few lines. But few that I can share with prospective parents are, your child will stay focused all of her class and that's the most important thing for Arpita that kids should not waste any minute. She helped children in their Maths confidence hugely, not only with speed but accuracy as well. The most important thing she kept testing them under real exam conditions / level regularly. Last but not the least my daughter gained her confidence across all areas including English VR and NVR and she has been taught regularly how she needs to act on exam day and what she can expect and what not. I would like to thanks Arpita for her sincere efforts without counting on times and minutes while teaching my daughter. Looking forward to let my son join her soon who is in year 4 now.    Zunaira, Bexley, London


It’s been such a joy to witness my daughter’s 11+ learning so fast with a truly warm, caring, patient and extremely professional teacher like Arpita! Arpita offers many additional tools and books to help with her students 11+ process and she goes out of her way to ensure her students are getting what they need. Also, she is a great communicator and kept me informed of all progress and was always there to answer any questions I had as a parent. she was extremely knowledgeable and truly knows the test inside and out. My daughter absolutely loved her. As parent, we couldn’t be more thankful that we have had her in our daughter 11+ learning journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone.   - Nina, Welling


Arpita is probably the best tutor I could have for my 11 plus due to the numerous skills and bundles of knowledge that she possesses. She is not mind numbingly boring and always knows a way to keep the lessons fun! In addition, she helped me on my weaker topics, and ensured a better foundation for my knowledge. My 11 plus score exceeded many expectations, thanks to the aid of Arpita. I highly recommended her to all the parents who looking for g good tutor  - Jamie, Bexley

Apita's lessons were challenging but they were also very helpful. All the lessons were all carefully explained with a lot of detail. She has high expectations - expects all the homework to be finished. Overall, these lessons were wonderful and challenged my mind - Jennie , Bexleyheath

Arpita rigorous and focused approach challenges and supports the children through the 11+ process and provides and excellent basis for all entrance tests Anne Marie, Bexley

I can whole heartily recommend Arpita for great preparation and tuition for the 11+ tests. With her help, my son was able to reach his full potential passing both the Kent and Bexley 11+. Arpita’s lessons helped him to understand the format and timing for the tests. The lessons and material were well structured and my son made good friends in the group lessons to go on the 11+ journey with. Many thanks Arpita for all your support!       - Alexandra, Bexley

Arpita is an excellent Teacher, I highly recommend her. She always gives feedback, always gives details about the progress, and this is very useful in terms of following up the progress. She directs the lesson in a way that appeals to the students and in a way that is productive eventually. Always ready with very useful resources, communicative and always interactive with the students. She keeps them engaged the whole time. She is strict as well as very supportive in a very balanced way. We noticed my daughter's progress within the first 2 months. My daughter excelled in all the subjects and scored above 95% in all the subjects in all school exams including HBS, Newsteadwood, Kent and Bexley. This could have not been possible without Arpita.         -Shekhar, Welling


A massive thank you Arpita for your hardwork and support to my daughter in the 11plus journey.  My daughter learned different techniques, improved so much on her speed and accuracy at the same time. Your detailed feedback always encouraged her to continue doing her best. You don't let children get distracted during the class which is great specially for online classes and parents can rely on you.You are committed and focused with a straight forward and to the point attitude which makes you special! Last but not the least you got the excellent subject knowledge with amazing curriculum test paper collection. You are the best tutor who I can confidently recommend to anyone!                                                                          - Sarita, Dartford


Arpita is an excellent, hard working and dedicated tutor. We joined her tuition late but she guided us in every possible way. She gives children confidence to do this hard exam smoothly. She works very hard with the each child and knows exactly what each individual child needs . My son used to look forward to her class. She  is very approaching  and always ready to discuss any question or issues. We highly recommend Arpita.                             - Trupta, Bexleyheath    


Arpita was exactly who we needed for my daughter. Preparing for 11+ is not always an easy route and she employed just the right balance of challenge and encouragement. I would absolutely recommend her and would also like to thank her for helping my daughter achieve a brilliant result.         - Victoria, Bexley

Arpita has helped both of my children through their 11+ exams and they have found her teaching style to be very effective. They have gained a lot of confidence for not only their 11+ exams but also in the school classroom. Arpita teaches in a way that embeds key concepts and allows the children to independently build on their problem solving skills. Thank you for all your support! - Hong, Bexley